Natalia Carata is a Transylvanian born Romanian visual artist currently based in London. Her work and interests are spreading across mediums such painting, photography and video art. Natalia’s art making is inspired by nature, the sky and the Cosmos, images of the subcontinent or the realm of dreams.
In her painting work, Natalia enjoys experimenting with water and she favours  techniques such as watercolour and acrylic for their ability to channel her emotions on paper. As a trained film maker, Natalia is skilfully making use of storytelling and mixed media to complement the narratives she captures on canvas. The most important character of her stories is colour and her painting is a visceral response to the thrill she gets from the symphony of colours performing together. It is why she paints, it is her language, her music.
As a photographer, she is concerned both with nature and people. While she uses the camera to capture the reality we live in, her brush paints the inner world.